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2015 Chinese Corporation Responsibility Brand Award

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        “2015 Chinese Corporation Responsibility Brand Award” is jointly organized by Corporate Citizenship Committee of the China Federation of Social Work, CCTV Channel-2 and Tencent Charity Foundation. “2015 Chinese Corporations Responsibility Brand Award” is scaled from “Chinese Excellence Corporate Citizenship Annual Conference”, and it is aimed to lead Chinese corporations to build the awareness of responsibility brand, to increase corporate social responsibility strategic management skill and to achieve the simultaneous growth of the economic and social benefits.


 Time:    June 27th, 2015

Location:  TBD

Executive organization:   The Ministry of Civil Affairs

                                             China Federation of Social Work 

Hosting organization:    Corporate Citizenship Committee of China Federation of Social Work 

                                         China Central Television Channel for Finance and Economics CCTV-2

                                         Tencent Charity Foundation 

Advisory Organization:  United Nations Global Compact

Academic support:       Beijing Normal University Chinese Research Management Research


                                        International Human Resource Association

                                        International Corporation Anthropology Committee


 *Contact Ms. Yang for more information about the event @ 010-65088682 or 13717837300.


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