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Tian Runzhi

 Former Director of State Administration for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s

Republic of China (SAIQ) and Former Deputy Director of General Customs Administration of People's Republic of China

Deputy President

Liu Jing


Executive Deputy President-General

Deputy President of China Association of Social Workers (CASW)

Guo Zhenxi


Chief Officer of the Finance and Economics Channel of China Central Television (CCTV)

Liu Weihua


General Secretary

Deputy President of China Committee Corporate Citizenship

(The following sorted by Pinyin)

Bian Huacai


Deputy Chairman of CHINA CALXON GROUP CO., LTD

Board President

Chen Yidan


Initiator of Tencent


Chen Yuqi


Board President of Zhen-ao Group

Ge Jun


Executive Director of Intel (China)

Huang Nubo


Board President of Beijing Zhongkun Investment Group Co., Ltd

Li Hongfa


General Secretary of the CPC Committee of Shandong Tralin Paper Co., Ltd

Board President

General Manager

Liu Jie


Senior Deputy President Towngas Co., Ltd., Hong Kong

Chief Representative of Beijing

Pan Shengshen


President of Hitachi Elevator (China)

Sun Yinhuan


Board Chairman of Yida Group

Wan Jie


Board Chairman of Artron Group

Wang Linda


Board Chairman of Yihai Group

Zhang Guoxiang


Board Chairman of Shenyang Water Group

Zhang Ling


Board Chairman of Liaoning Fareast Tube Industry Co, Ltd

Zhao Tao


Board Chairman of Buchang Group


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